Katie M. Lucas - Storytelling - Katie M. Lucas

Professional storytelling is THE BEST. Here are some worlds Katie helped build.

Westworld: Alexa Voice Skill

3 levels. 60 storylines. 400 unique game choices. Katie shaped this narratively-driven game designed for Amazon’s Alexa platform. You play as a Westworld host looking for the center of the maze. (Spoiler: you will die.)

Westworld Concierge-Bot “Aeden”

WestworldchatbotimageKatie co-scripted a chatbot with oversight from Westworld series creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy. Aeden is equipped with over 250 responses to over 1,100 questions from users.

Mashable Coverage of Silicon Valley

Bachmanity-onmashableKatie wrote this “in-world” listicle covering a tech industry party that happened on Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley: Hooli Site

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 7.55.43 PMKatie wrote this website for Hooli, the corporate juggernaut from Silicon Valley. One time, Google linked to the site as a wink from a press release.