Here are some highlights of Katie’s work that’s been covered, recapped or syndicated.

OSU Alumni Magazine reports on Katie‘s career.

Fast Company covers the Westworld Alexa voice skill, The Maze.

Ad Week promotes the #ReadingIsLit initiative, Katie’s creative baby.

The Verge breaks down the digital creative Katie spearheaded for Westworld Season 2.

Business Insider feasts upon Easter eggs on the official HBO Westworld website.

Mashable digs into Siri’s Game of Thrones intel: “Siri doesn’t outright confirm Rhaegar’s our guy (and how would she know?), but these typical sassy Siri answers are good enough for us.”

Ad Week raves about the Westworld campaign, including Discover Westworld and the chatbot that Katie co-scripted.

Variety reports on cutting-edge transmedia, calling out Westworld Season 2.

The Hollywood Reporter covered an on-air True Blood marathon; Katie scripted the marathon’s interstitial components.

The Guardian reports on Katie’s interview with Game of Thrones linguist David Peterson.