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Katie has freelanced for many brands including health, lifestyle, media, technology, news and entertainment. She writes copy, video scripts, newsletters and research-based pieces.

She’s comfortable with all voices, tones and character counts.

Katie works on the content development team in HBO’s digital and social media department. She’s the creative (wo)manpower on campaigns for Game of Thrones, Westworld, Insecure, and in the past has worked on True Blood, True Detective and Silicon Valley. She handles strategy, creative video production, website conceptualizing, writing of all kinds and has led creative on emerging technology projects around voice, virtual reality, augmented reality and machine learning.

Check out some highlights of Katie’s work on the websites to the left.

Katie wrote this copy. She hopes you like it.

In a partnership with Apple, Katie scripted Siri’s responses to burning questions around Game of Thrones Season 6.

Katie co-wrote this Buzzfeed listicle in a partnership to promote the HBO comedy special 7 Days in Hell.

Katie co-scripted all Westworld newsletters during Season 1, written in the voice of “Aeden” a host from the show.

Character “biographies” for Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide in Season 6. These pieces evolved over every episode for a spoiler-free experience.

All copy for Hooli.com, the in-world corporate juggernaut from Silicon Valley.

Katie managed homepage copy for DoctorOz.com, which had over 40 million monthly users.


Katie’s interviewed in press rooms, green rooms, backstage, and on red carpets. She’s talked to writers, directors, actors, doctors, filmmakers, executives and her personal heroes (see left).

The Leftovers’ Michelle Maclaren discusses her directorial choices.

The Game of Thrones cast sharing their thoughts on character’s deaths at San Diego Comic-Con.

Maisie Williams, aka Arya Stark, aka full-fledged badass.

Chris Rock, comedy legend, discusses directing Amy Schumer’s stand-up special.

Katie created this “Silicon Valley Chats” chats series to spice up the standard Q&A. Here’s her piece with Zach Woods.

Todd Vanderwerff, formerly of The A.V. Club, currently at Vox, chatted about criticism, Girls and The X-Files.

Katie’s longform work includes research-based pieces, recaps and explainers for TV series, and the occasional pop culture listicle, obvs.

Check out the goods:

5 Surprises for a Star Wars Virgin (Paste)

A Beginner’s Guide to Amazing Podcasts (Hello Giggles)

Lorne Michael’s Biography (Biography Channel)

Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide (HBO)

Periodic Table of Breaking Bad (Character Grades)

Holistic Cures for your Bad Health Habits (Doctor Oz)

Here are some highlights of Katie’s work that’s been covered, recapped or syndicated.

OSU Alumni Magazine reports on Katie‘s career.

Fast Company covers the Westworld Alexa voice skill, The Maze.

Ad Week promotes the #ReadingIsLit initiative, Katie’s creative baby.

The Verge breaks down the digital creative Katie spearheaded for Westworld Season 2.

Business Insider feasts upon Easter eggs on the official HBO Westworld website.

Mashable digs into Siri’s Game of Thrones intel: “Siri doesn’t outright confirm Rhaegar’s our guy (and how would she know?), but these typical sassy Siri answers are good enough for us.”

Ad Week raves about the Westworld campaign, including Discover Westworld and the chatbot that Katie co-scripted.

Variety reports on cutting-edge transmedia, calling out Westworld Season 2.

The Hollywood Reporter covered an on-air True Blood marathon; Katie scripted the marathon’s interstitial components.

The Guardian reports on Katie’s interview with Game of Thrones linguist David Peterson.


CharacterGrades.com was a television recap website that focused on humor writing and character development, assigning the characters “report cards” each episode. Katie founded and ran Character Grades, LLC, managing a staff of writers and generating up to 30,000 unique users per month. Although no longer operational, Katie still considers the site her baby… and she promises this isn’t as dark as it sounds. Katie will be forever grateful to CG for teaching her how to grow a digital property, lead a team and spark plenty of conversation about the lives of fictional beings.