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Here's Katie in Northern Ireland. Why is she touching this fence so awkwardly? Unclear.

Here’s Katie in Northern Ireland. Why is she holding this fence so awkwardly? Unclear.

Katie M. Lucas is a storyteller, writer, editor and digital producer who spends her days as a glutton for all things entertainment. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Katie grew up obsessing over Rachel Green’s hair, Carrie Bradshaw’s column and Elaine Benes’ dance moves. She moved to New York City in 2008 for the NBC Page Program, where she worked on Saturday Night Live and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. In these roles, she once pet a live lemur and Will Ferrell told her she was “hot shit.” Both experiences were super formative.

She moved on to The Dr. Oz Show, where she helped launch and got a crash course in digital media. Katie learned how to promote and expand television online. She also held a human liver. (It was shaped like a platypus!) Katie leveraged her digital know-how to create the TV website Character Grades. She assembled a staff of writers and built the company from the ground-up. Although no longer active, the site was once profitable enough to cover its operating costs, an accomplishment Katie believes was worth recapping multiple seasons of Glee.

Katie currently works on the content development team in HBO’s digital and social media department. Her role allows for diverse creative thinking; Katie scripts everything from promotional videos to chatbots to story clues on in-world sites. To sum up: she’s a professional nerd. She thinks about Game of Thrones and Westworld more than is probably healthy. For her work on the series’ respective digital platforms, she’s received three Emmy Awards, which her friends insist she must tout shamelessly on her personal website.

A Brooklynite, Katie is obsessed with podcasts, vinyl, yoga, fiction and feminism. Say hi at or connect on LinkedIn